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Spring Into Action: Treating Injuries with Massage Therapy and Osteopathy

Updated: Apr 2

Why Do Injuries Occur?


The most common ways a person can sustain an injury are as follows:

  • Slips and falls.

  • Car accidents.

  • Work-related duties.

  • Asking your body to do too much: lifting something that’s too heavy.

  • Repetitive strain: doing the same task over and over without proper rest.

  • Playing sports: hits, tackles, jumping, etc.

  • Weekend warrior: asking your body to perform the same as when you were younger but not training for it.

  • Incorrect form: performing a movement without the right technique.


What Is Massage Therapy?


Massage therapy is a regulated health profession in Ontario that focuses on treating your muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints.


The goal of massage therapy is to relieve your muscular discomfort, which can occur from:

  • Everyday life stressors

  • Overusing muscles without proper recovery

  • Acute and chronic pain conditions


Massage therapy is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). RMTs are well versed in techniques such as Swedish massage, myofascial release, deep tissue release, trigger point therapy, cupping, sports massage, and prenatal massage. Appointments to see a RMT can vary from 30 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on how many body regions you want to work on during your visit.


How Can Massage Therapy Help?


When you sustain an injury or strain a muscle, the joints in that surrounding area will start to stiffen and the muscles will become very tight and tender. This can also occur when you are stressed from everyday life and from work.


There are many ways massage can help:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Stress relief

  • Reducing muscular tension

  • Improving circulation

  • Improving joint mobility

  • Reducing pain

  • Improving function

What Is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy uses the power of touch to restore movement to the body. Manual osteopathy is best known for treating neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. This profession uses a combination of soft-tissue therapy, muscle energy techniques, and craniosacral therapy. You can think of osteopathy as a prolonged stretching treatment where you wear athletic clothing during this treatment.


Osteopaths take an alternative approach to treat:

  • Acute pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Repetitive stress injuries

  • Chronic pain

  • Headaches


The osteopathic approach to healthcare is to help the body self-heal by providing holistic therapy. Osteopaths believe that the body can heal itself as long as you offer the proper support.


Ready to take the first step to treating your aches and pains? Have the healing touch of our registered massage therapists and osteopaths help you on that journey. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, stress relief, or treatment of an injury, our practitioners are equipped to cater to your unique needs.


Book your massage therapy or osteopathic appointment here, call us at (416) 291 0070, or send us an email at


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