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Myth-Busting March: Debunking Common Myths About Manual Care

March 2024

This month we wanted to take some time to debunk the mysteries and rumours about manual care. There are some preconceived notions about seeing a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, or Massage Therapist. We’re here to tell you the truth so keep reading!

Myth 1: “Once I start treatment, I have to come forever.”



If you unfortunately get injured, it is more beneficial for you to have therapy more often. As you start feeling better, the number of times you may need care will decline. Once you are fully recovered, it is your choice to continue with maintenance care or not. Most people choose to see their therapist once a month, but it is not mandatory. Like getting a dental cleaning, maintenance care can be viewed as prevention. Whether it be chiro, physio, or a massage, finding the right combination of treatment types and therapists is key to staying pain-free.


Myth 2: “If I see a physiotherapist, all they’ll do is put me on a machine and give me exercises.”



A physiotherapist’s role in your healthcare is so much more than a machine or an exercise. Physiotherapists will perform manual release techniques to your tight muscles. They will induce movement into your joints by doing slow mobilizations. They may also add modalities such as acupuncture, laser, or shockwave based on your condition to add to the healing process. If your physiotherapist doesn’t do any hands-on work, it may be time to look for another one.

Myth 3: “When I get injured, the best thing to do is stay in bed for a few days.”



Movement is medicine - movement is the best medicine for your body! Scaling back your frequency or intensity with exercise or sport can be beneficial for recovery, but prolonged bed rest can actually be detrimental. The body is meant to move, so any little activity can help get your blood pumping and speed up healing.

Myth 4: “I don’t want to see a chiropractor because they will crack my bones. That sounds scary and unsafe.”



Chiropractors are best known for delivering manipulations/adjustments - the “cracking” sound you may hear. The sound you hear is called a cavitation, and it is the release of gas bubbles within a joint, just like opening a can of pop. They are definitely not cracking your bones or putting them back into place! If your bones were out of place, you would not be walking around so easily. Adjustments have lots of research and are very safe for all ages, including children. The ultimate goal is to increase movement within your joints. If you do not want to receive adjustments, just let your chiropractor know because there are many other ways they can help you get you better.

Myth 5: “Cracking my knuckles can give me arthritis.”



There are many different types of arthritis, but with this myth, most people think about Osteoarthritis or OA. OA is also known as degeneration or the wear and tear of your joints. It can happen from normal everyday life as you age. Most people who are over the age of 20 have some sort of OA within their joints. Having OA does not mean you’ll have pain. There is no evidence that shows cracking your knuckles will give you more arthritis.


Myth 6: “Chiropractors only do adjustments; I can just do that myself.”



One of the many expertise of a chiropractor is delivering adjustments, although they can do so much more. Most chiropractors also perform muscle release therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, electrostimulation, shockwave therapy, and supervised exercises. There are a few reasons we discourage self-adjusting. 1) You can sprain your joints if you twist in the wrong way or your muscles are not fully relaxed during the movement. 2) You are probably not getting the right spot that needs adjusting. With self-adjustments, you get the spots that are ‘easy’ to be released. Chiropractors will assess your joints and adjust the ‘stuck’ spots that need more attention.

If after reading this blog you think that manual therapy is right for you, give us a call at (416) 291 0070 or book online today. Did you think of other myths? Do you have more questions about any of our services? We would love to hear from you. Call us or send an email at


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